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I am an Italian who has been living in Wales, UK since June 2010.

After an article was published on the website Italians in Fuga regarding my life here, I have received many questions and requests from people who wish to move to the UK or more specifically to Wales. I always try to answer as best as I can, but this gave me the idea to start this blog, to collect some articles about my experience here, ranging from practical information to every day details that can be of interest to someone wanting to move here.

Most of the information I will be providing here will be specifically relating to Wales as this is where I live, however feel free to ask me question about the UK in general and I will do my best to answer.

If anyone has any specific request for information, please feel free to leave a comment to request it or send me an email to harleenquinzel78@gmail.com.

Thanks for reading 🙂