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Hi there readers! I am in Italy for a few days, remembering what the sun and heat are 🙂

This is not a proper article, but just a small window that I open for myself.

A question for all the expats out there: how does “coming and going” feel to you?

Every time I leave the UK, I feel really attached to this place: to the people and to all the little things that I normally would not take a second look at, and just because they seem to tell  me, “you got here”. I know this is not really “home”, but as they say, “home is where the heart is”. I am still fascinated by the country and I feel much more in the right place now that I am here.

Everytime I go back to the home country I realise I have missed the sun and the colours, the simple food and the days as a family. I have missed my pets and my friends and my books. I have missed being alone with my thoughts and having the whole day to write about them. I haven’t missed the pessimism though and the feeling of not knowing in which direction to move or what to do to try and solve problems.

This is what coming and going is about for me: it’s about what you leave behind and what you decide to miss when you make the decision to be elsewhere, “seeking your own perhaps” (quote!) and accepting all the nostalgia, regret and freedom that may come with it.

Then I leave again and I dive into my routine of good and bad days without a proper plan.

Being in two places means I am unable to properly settle. That’s what I feel as an expat after years of drifting, and even though by now I am almost used to this, my mother country is a difficult place that I can’t stop loving even though I keep it at a distance away.

Every time I go back at the starting point, I make a summary of things so far and think about what I could do (or keep doing) next. It is hard to settle because when you’ve left once, the possibilities open in front of you, and you never know if you’ll wish to hop life again.

What do you guys feel about this? Is coming and going difficult? Pleasant? What do you learn from it?

If you want a nice read on the topic in Italian, this is the article that inspired my thoughts and the author has a really nice blog about her expat life.

Thanks you if you read so far and sorry if this was boring:) however please do comment if you like, I’d like to hear your experience!

I will be back soon with an article about language, stay tuned!